September 1, 2012

The Fullblast

Contagious Movement Theory | Short Controlled Bursts


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Vinyl 2x12" (Black)
Numbered of 250.
$30.00 BUY


1 All I Need is a Jetpack and Rollerskates
2 You Came Out, And You Were Wearing A _________ Hoodie
3 Why Does Banana Get Shotgun
4 Jerk Circus Is For Jerks
5 Lee Majors, Now There's A Man In His Prime
6 No One Says Anything Funny Anymore
7 Dial "B" For Brown
8 I Dislocated My Shoulder For Rock And Roll
9 Hemiola, I'm Peddling Home
10 Phase One: The Epidemic
11 It's Cool, But .Moneen. Already Did It
12 Spoons, Gats, Prison Tats
13 Fred's Got Slacks
14 The Song That (Actually) Doesn't End - Part One
15 Sober Pud Would Never Wage A War
16 Radio
17 James Eats Planet; Loves PCP
18 She Houdini, Where Did Her Boobs Go?
19 The Song That (Actually) Doesn't End - Part Two

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The Fullblast
Short Controlled Bursts

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