Dine Alone welcomes Ben Shepherd solo project HBS


Dine Alone welcomes Ben Shepherd solo project HBS

Dine Alone Records is beyond proud to announce the addition of HBS to their Canadian roster. The band, a new solo project from original Soundgarden member Ben Shepherd, will release their first full-length, In Deep Owl, on August 27, 2013.

The creation of In Deep Owl was no overnight endeavour. Written and recorded over a span of four years, the album came together at Gerry Amandes' studio in Seattle - the bohemian culture of the area heavily directing its tone and feel. In addition, legendary drummers Matt Cameron (Soundgarden, Pearl Jam) and Matt Chamberlain's (Pearl Jam) aggressive musical styles contrasted Shepherd's vocals for a distinctly unique sound.

Shepherd recently premiered the first song off the album, “Baron Robber,” right here on SPIN. Though the album is weeks away from its official release, Consequence of Sound has the exclusive premiere of second new track, "Collide." As the publication notes, the track consists of a "contemplative acoustic guitar and mandolin help to evoke a sense of folksy serenity" and "minimalist stringed instrumentation" that plays up Shepherd's voice, drawing in the listener.

Click here to stream "Collide" on Consequence of Sound.

In Deep Owl will be available on multiple formats including digital, CD, and vinyl. You can pre-order a vinyl copy right now HERE via Shepherd's Bandcamp.