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Hey Rosetta! hails from the rocky and cold northeastern province of Newfoundland, Canada. In 2005, frontman Tim Baker arrived home from a road trip with a suitcase full of poems and melodies. Hey Rosetta! was formed soon after with the addition of a string section (cellist Romesh Thavanathan and violinist Kinley Dowling) and rhythm section (bassist Josh Ward, drummer Phil Maloney, and guitarist Adam Hogan). Since then, they’ve blossomed into a powerful group whose explosive live shows have earned them a devoted following.

The band’s new album, Seeds, was produced by Tony Doogan (Belle and Sebastian, Mogwai, Wintersleep). Seeds is available February 15th and reveals a maturing lyrical depth and an atmosphere rooted to the band’s passion for epic musical experiences.

It was while recording 2008’s breakthrough album Into Your Lungs (and around in your heart and on through your blood) that Tim Baker began to fully realize his vocal and lyrical abilities, and the band made a huge creative leap forward. Into Your Lungs garnered a slew of awards and critical accolades, was short-listed for the prestigious Polaris Music Prize, and Hey Rosetta! were named one of Billboard's Top 5 new Canadian acts.

During the three solid years of touring after Into Your Lungs was released the concept of Seeds was born. “The title track, “Seeds”, came about while out on the highway a few years ago” muses Baker. “In a way it's about what our lives had become, and how we’re like seeds that float around into different fields and cities, bringing something and trying to build something for the people that come to see us.”

The group developed the sonic landscapes found on Seeds while maintaining an extensive tour schedule that took them to Australia, China, Europe, the US and on numerous tours of Canada (including a tour of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut). The band then holed up in Newfoundland to finish the songs before traveling to Halifax, NS to record with renowned producer Tony Doogan at The Sonic Temple. “Tony was really incredible at getting all the sounds and tones we'd dreamt up. He’s an amazing engineer and for all his Scottish bluster and pop-rock dogma, he is very sensitive, patient, and a gifted producer,” says Baker (who wrote all of the songs except “Downstairs”, “Young Glass”, and “Seeds” which were co-writes with guitarist Adam Hogan).

Thematically, Seeds explores everything from depression to procreation. “Young Glass” was written after reading J.D. Salinger’s “Franny and Zooey”. Baker explains:

“It’s sort of directed at the novel’s main character, Franny…. it describes a sleepwalking scene that didn't actually occur in the book, but one that I imagined. We spent a lot of time flying and sleeping on planes and in airports and I was always finding myself in half-waking states, feeling, as one does, all alone somewhere between dream and reality. When I’d wake up, I was always surrounded by people, going about their business. I like that; a sort of evidence that even when we think we are completely alone, we are not. So I wrote Franny, a character who is plagued by such thoughts, a song about it… but it's really about everyone”.

First single “Welcome” is a song about Baker's close friends who were expecting a baby:

“I wrote a song for the little soon-to-be, who now is a 18 month old girl named Madeleine; healthy and beautiful, just like her parents” explains Baker, “I was just sitting with them talking to the unborn baby in a sort of cynical, joking way. You know, like “stay in there as long as you can kid. Sorry, but it's a mess out here...” and so on. Later, alone, I was thinking about what it means to bring new life into the world, how it's sort of sad but also so hopeful and kind of religious”.
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Hey Rosetta! Return With 'Second Sight' LP

Thrilled to announce that we will be releasing Second Sight, the fourth record from Newfoundland's Hey Rosetta!, in Australia.

Lead track Kintsukuroi (kint-sU-kU-roi) is the first, galloping glimpse into the spacious and experimental new album. Listen">soundcloud.com here.

Watch and share the fantasy trailer for the new album Second Sight, produced and directed by Noah Pink, here.youtu.be />
Second Sight will be available October 24 in Australia, with pre-orders launching September 19. Track listing below.

1. Soft Offering (For the Oft Suffering)
2. Gold Teeth
3. Dream
4. What Arrows
5. Promise
6. Kid Gloves
7. Neon Beyond
8. Kintsukuroi
9. Cathedral Bells
10. Alcatraz
11. Harriet
12. Trish's Song
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Hey Rosetta! announces A Cup of Kindness EP

It is unusual for Canadians to have wintery, holiday feelings erupt from the warmth of an Australian spring day. However, that’s exactly what happened to Tim Baker, Hey Rosetta!’s songwriter and front man, one sunny Brisbane morning during their recent Australian tour with labelmates The Jezabels. Perhaps being in the farthest flung place on earth from their hometown of St. John’s, Newfoundland, was a catalyst for "Carry Me Home," the buoyant, jangling tale of someone desperately trying to make it home for the holidays.

Told in their trademark sharp literary style and presented with the sonically thoughtful brilliance that has earned the Newfoundland collective a JUNO nomination for their exquisitely crafted, already Polaris Music Prize-nominated third album Seeds, Hey Rosetta! will release their holiday-themed four track EP, A Cup Of Kindness Yet on November 23, 2012 through Dine Alone/Shock Records (AUS), and Sonic Entertainment (NA).

A band known for hosting local holiday shows back home over the Christmas season, A Cup Of Kindness Yet marks the first holiday release for the internationally celebrated six-piece. Unconventional in its lyrical journey, the first single "Carry Me Home," at its core, unites anyone around a feeling of being away from home and loved ones over the holidays, which according to Baker “is a deep visceral thing we can relate to whenever and wherever we are on the road.”

The subsequent tracks on the EP feature a moody interpretation of "O Come O Come Emmanuel" and "New Year Song," a staple of Hey Rosetta!’s live holiday sets that morphs into a triumphant rendition of "Auld Lang Syne."

To round out the EP, "The First Snow," a beautiful, solemn tale of aging and the forever innocence of a first snowfall.

Says Tim, “I don't think I'm done with the challenge of writing a song about Christmas without it being all fake plastic cheesy yule log happiness.. or for that matter, all angry anti-establishment protest, but something in the middle, like the real thing, like sitting by the tree, mildly hungover, staring at a pile of gift-wrapped overconsumption, and feeling overfilled, with dinner and love and mythic joy.”

Click to stream A Cup of Kindness EP on Exclaim!
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Hey Rosetta! releases Live From The Corona Theatre EP

The Newfoundland-based folk outfit has released a live compilation of tracks from their critically famed album, Seeds, in the form of the Live From The Corona Theatre EP, available now on Dine Alone Records (Australia), and Sonic Records (North America).

The EP showcases the band's set from Montreal's famed Corona Theatre, recorded in November 2011. You can grab it on iTunes via below:

itunes.apple.com target="_blank">Click HERE to purchase the Live From The Corona Theatre EP.

The band is spending November touring through the UK and Europe, you can check out a full list of dates right www.dinealonerecords.com target="_blank">HERE.
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Check out the new Hey Rosetta! video for "Bandages"

The St. John's, NL natives stayed real close to home when filming their latest single from their critically acclaimed album, Seeds. From windswept coasts and caves to archaic churches, "Bandages" showcases the band's roots with a beautiful tour of Canada's east coast.

vimeo.com target="_blank">CLICK HERE

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